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October 17, 2013 / mrespiers

Let me be clear…I do not want to strike

I do not want to strike, it is a last resort. I would rather be teaching (and not lose a day’s pay).

I am not asking for a pay rise, I am resigned to a real-terms pay cut for the foreseeable future – despite the introduction of performance related pay which is supposed to motivate me.

There is no evidence that PRP works and there is no more money to pay good teachers more. There are also lots of questions about how you judge a teacher’s performance – what if I don’t have any exam classes? Or I only teach kids with Special Educational Needs who might never get a C in an ‘academic’ subject?
There are wider issues too about rich academy chains having more money to attract staff whilst small schools or those in difficult areas or circumstances may struggle.

I am asking for the pensions deal agreed a few years ago to be honoured.

I think private sector workers work hard too and that we should strive for better pensions for all.

I know the economy is screwed but there are other ways of dealing with it e.g. deal with tax avoidance/close tax gaps

I am aware that striking now, for this, is not going to get much support and I would’ve preferred to strike to fight the dismantling of comprehensive education.

Teachers need to be supported, not demoralised, they teach the next generation of workers, thinkers, problem solvers etc

We are not ‘the new enemies of promise’ we are the enemies of policy announcements via the press.
We are not ‘the new enemies of promise’ we are the enemies of the creeping privatisation of education.
We are not ‘the new enemies of promise’ we are the enemies of attacks on hard working teachers.


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