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November 29, 2011 / mrespiers

Let me be clear…

I do not want to strike, it is a last resort. I would rather be teaching (and not lose a day’s pay).

I am not asking for a pay rise, I am resigned to a real-terms pay cut for the foreseeable future.

I am asking for the pensions deal agreed a couple of years ago to be honoured.

I think private sector workers work hard too and that we should strive for better pensions for all.

I know the economy is screwed but there are other ways of dealing with it e.g. deal with tax avoidance/close tax gaps

November 30th will not cost the economy half a billion and neither did the Royal Wedding.

I am aware that striking now, for this, is not going to get much support and I would’ve preferred to strike to fight the dismantling of comprehensive education.

Teachers need to be supported, not demoralised, they teach the next generation of workers, thinkers, problem solvers etc


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