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June 15, 2011 / mrespiers

Mr Gove saves Aston Villa and the Premier League

I support Aston Villa. They finished 9th this year with 48 points. It was not a great year, we diced with relegation for too long after finishing 6th on 64 points last year. In the four
years prior to that we finished on 62, 60, 50 and 42 points. Our 6 year average is 54.3

How would most Villa fans or football fans categorise this? Inadaquate? Possibly but we didn’t get relegated and finished in the top half. Satisfactory? Again, possibly, especially after finishing 6th last year. Would anybody call it a good year? Surely nobody would go as far as outstanding?

Manchester United won the title with 80 points this year, came second with 85 the year before and have a 6 year average of 85.7points. Most people would agree that they are the outstanding team of the last 10 years.

So, it is with great thanks and appreciation to the education secretary Michael Gove that I have the answer to Aston Villa’s problems. We will be become outstanding and, in fact, so will
every other team! And the solution is simple. All the head of the Premier League needs to do in order to raise standards across the board and ensure that all teams become outstanding thereby cementing the Premier League’s place as the best league in the world is to impose a minimum acceptable points tally! For too long we have passively accepted that somewhere around 40 points would be enough to stay up, well no more. I propose (and again I must thank the secretary of state for the idea here) a minimum acceptable points tally of 50.

The managers will try harder, so will the players. The fans and owners will be supportive and everybody will move in the same direction.

It won’t matter that Wigan’s average attendance was less than 17,000 last year compared to Man Utd’s 75,109 or that some teams have massively wealthy owners who can recruit the best
players and staff.

Aston Villa fell short of the 50 points total this year but it was probably because they weren’t trying hard enough. If they fall short again next year the Premier League should send in inspectors to check they are trying hard enough and  they could be taken over by a more successful team if they persist in underachieving. With that incentive I’m sure things would look up (even if we pay £5m in compensation for the manager of our relegated arch-rivals).


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